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IPAC SA Meetings

IPAC Southern Alberta (IPAC SA) 

2019 Meetings

2019 Meeting Schedule

As with 2018 and 2017, our schedule is set for 3 in-person meetings and 7 remote-in ones.  Please see the schedule for greater details

2019 Minutes

2018 Meetings

These meetings were structured exactly as the 2017 meetings with 3 in-person and 7 Lync/Skype meetings.  Duration for each is 1 hour with an opening education component.  See below for additional details.

2018 Minutes

2017 Meetings

The chapter conducted 10 meetings in 2017.

  • Seven online meetings using LYNC/Skype for Business in January, February, April, May, September, October, November.  These meetings were one hour in duration and were roughly conducted to educate for half the time and discuss chapter business for the other half of the hour.
  • Three in-person events took place in March, June and December. All occurred at the Richmond Road Diagnostic Treatment Centre in Calgary, Alberta.  They were scheduled for two and a half hours often with a more extensive education session (and discussion) as well as a round table to introduce the members and their work to one another.

2017 Minutes

2016 Meetings

The Chapter conducts eight (8) meetings a year (one is a Social event):

  • March, June (social event) and September meetings are held ‘in person’, with LYNC available. In-person meetings will be 2:30 in length, covering chapter business and will include a longer education session.
  • October, November, January, February, April and May meetings will be held by LYNC only. The LYNC meetings will be 1:00 in length. They will include a :30 education session and :30 to discuss urgent chapter business.

2016 Minutes